Membership Cycle Dates

Members joining the quarterly payment plan and are providing an application;

*October 1st to March 31st is the winter cycle.   The 1st quarter payment is charged upon receipt of the application to cover January-March; 2nd quarter = April-June; 3rd quarter = July-September and the 4th quarter = October-December.

* April 1st to September 30th is the summer cycle.  The 1st quarter payment is charged upon receipt of the application and the 1st quarter to cover July-September; 2nd quarter = October-December; 3rd quarter = January-March and the 4th quarter = April-June.

Any applications taken towards the end of a dues cycle March or September please ask the members if they would like to be charged in March/September for the 1st quarter of the ending dues cycle and again in April/October for the 2nd quarters.  Be sure to information ADHA central office of the member’s choice.
Members joining the quarterly payment plan do not receive membership cards; however membership cards are available each quarter in their member records at www.adha.org.

For any further assistance or questions please feel free to contact Sharon Barnett, Administrator for Member Relations at sharonb@adha.net or 312-440-8921.


Written by: Dawn Ann Dean, RDH, MSDH

Reason #1: Professional Credibility…being an ADHA Member gives you the professional status of being a part of the LARGEST national association representing dental hygiene professionals TODAY and defines your commitment to becoming a “Champion for Oral Health.”

Reason #2: Professional Pride…from the moment you graduate from Dental Hygiene School, you can transition your Student American Dental Hygienists’ Association Membership (SADHA) to an Active Professional Membership at adha.org. Whether you are a Lifelong ADHA Member, First-Time Active Member, or Renewing Your Membership, ADHA Membership gives you a sense of professional pride like no other membership. You literally are supported by an organization of thousands of dental hygienists across the nation with an ADHA Membership!

Reason #3: Professional Advocacy…your ADHA Membership works for YOU! Every day your ADHA Executive Director, Ann Battrell, RDH, MSDH, ADHA Administration, ADHA Staff, & ADHA Board of Trustees work together to represent your professional best interests on the national level, in regard to dental hygiene education standards, evidence-based research, clinical practice, professional licensure, scope of practice issues, promoting access to care, governmental advocacy, professional discounts & so much more! With the ADHA Team, you are empowered to realize your professional potential!

Reason #4: Professional Networking…your ADHA Membership keeps you connected on the National (USA), Constituent (State) and Component (Local) Levels the first day you join!

 Reason #5: Professional Investment…your ADHA Membership is an investment in your professional future. The return on that investment increases with time. The ADHA is committed to your professional interests 24/7!

Reason #6: Professional Knowledge… “Inquiring minds want to know” and with your ADHA Membership you will receive the most current information on technologies, legislative alerts, research publications, educational advancement, industry events calendar, continuing education courses, leadership opportunities, career advancements and professional insights on contemporary topics.

Reason #6: Professional Savings… your ADHA Membership is your ticket to professional discounts as you attend ALL ADHA National, State, & Local Continuing Education Events. Save instantly when you register during the Early Bird registration dates made available in January 2014 at adha.org for the CLL (Center for Lifelong Learning) at the 91st ADHA Annual Session to be held at Caesar’s Palace, June 18-24, 2014, in Las Vegas, NV! Invite your friends and save even more, as you share a fabulous resort setting and life-changing experience together!

Reason #7: Professional Leadership… as an ADHA Member you can reach your leadership potential overnight! Reach your “Rock Star” status through professional leadership mentorship opportunities on the local, state, and national levels of ADHA and get involved! Add THREE scoops and take it to the “Gotta Have It” leadership level through the ADHA and Colgate sponsored Unleashing Your Potential (UYP) Professional Leadership Weekend by applying on-line at adha.org. UYP is an amazing leadership mentoring weekend held in Chicago each November. If you aspire to lead others in your profession, become an ADHA member and grow your leadership potential!

 Reason #8: Professional Contributions… your ADHA Membership expands the ways you can contribute to your dental hygiene profession. Through your generous monetary gifts to the ADHA Institute For Oral Health, you have the power to “fund the future” and unwrap the opportunities for community service grants that benefit the public’s health, research grants to enable dental hygienists to achieve their professional goals, and scholarships and fellowships to increase dental hygienists’ access to educational programs. Becoming an ADHA Member today and living in WV? Make a “MEMO” on your ADHA IOH Gift that you are donating for the WVDHA IOH contribution in 2013-2014 and grow WV’s IOH Giving Potential! No matter which state you live in, you can grow IOH Giving Year Round! Like ADHA IOH on Facebook!

Reason #9: Professional Portability… your ADHA Membership gives you an organization of licensed dental hygienists, just like you, who have joined the ranks with other licensed healthcare professionals (such as dentists, physicians, dieticians, nurses & physical therapists). Licensure, according to state law, only allows persons who have met the minimum qualifications to practice their profession. ADHA regularly engages the Allied Healthcare Professions in promoting the dental hygiene profession and access to care issues. United through ADHA Membership, professional portability has never been more possible!

Reason #10: Professional Passion…an ADHA Membership identifies your professional passion. It’s what drives you as a licensed dental hygienist, your future, and the vision you have for the profession into the next century. We’re on a journey together…you, me, and ADHA! “Miles of Smiles”…I PROMISE!











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